Management Employees Click on a name for more information

  • David Gladstone

    Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer

  • Terry Lee Brubaker

    Vice Chairman and Chief Operating Officer

  • Robert Cutlip

    Executive Managing Director (President of Gladstone Commercial)

  • David Dullum

    Executive Managing Director (President of Gladstone Investment)

  • Bob Marcotte

    Executive Managing Director (President of Gladstone Capital)

  • Buzz Cooper

    Senior Managing Director (Gladstone Commercial)

  • Brandon Flickinger

    Managing Director (Gladstone Commercial)

  • John W. Freal

    Managing Director (Gladstone Capital)

  • Bill Frisbie

    Managing Director (Gladstone Land)

  • Laura Gladstone

    Managing Director (Gladstone Capital)

  • Erika Highland

    Managing Director (Gladstone Investment)

  • Bill Hughes

    Managing Director (Gladstone Land)

  • John Kent

    Managing Director (Gladstone Management Corporation and Gladstone Securities)

  • Kyle Largent

    Managing Director (Gladstone Investment)

  • Chris Lee

    Managing Director (Gladstone Investment)

  • Eric Maloy

    Managing Director (Gladstone Capital)

  • Mike McQuigg

    Managing Director (Gladstone Capital)

  • Perry Finney

    Senior Asset Manager (Gladstone Commercial)

  • Bill Reiman

    Managing Director (Gladstone Land)

  • John Sateri

    Managing Director (Gladstone Capital)

  • Matt Tucker

    Managing Director (Gladstone Commercial)

  • Andrew White

    Managing Director (Gladstone Commercial)

  • Greg Bowie

    Director (Gladstone Investment)

  • Jason Kowalski

    Director (Gladstone Commercial)

  • Peter Roushdy

    Director (Gladstone Investment)

  • Andrew Ahlberg

    Principal (Gladstone Capital)

  • Paul Cobuzzi

    Principal (Gladstone Capital)

  • David Glazer

    Principal (Gladstone Investment)

  • Edward Engle

    Senior Associates (Gladstone Commercial)

  • Jonathan Kelemen

    Senior Associates (Gladstone Investment)

  • Joseph Van Wingerden

    Senior Associate (Gladstone Land)

  • Michael Nathan

    Associate Asset Manager (Gladstone Commercial)

  • Josh Dibiasi

    Senior Analyst (Gladstone Capital)

  • Richard Lee

    Senior Analyst (Gladstone Capital)

  • Jennifer Morse

    Senior Analyst (Gladstone Land)

  • Steve Scott

    Senior Analyst (Gladstone Commercial)

  • Jamie Blake

    Analyst (Gladstone Commercial)

  • Paula Novara

    Head of Resources Management

  • Rachel Lopes

    Marketing Assistant

  • Nicole Puddy

    Executive Assistant

Administration Employees Click on a name for more information

  • Jon Aronson

    Accounting Manager (Gladstone Investment)

  • Jay Beckhorn

    Managing Director, Finance, Treasurer (Gladstone Commercial & Gladstone Land) Assistant Treasurer (Gladstone Investment & Gladstone Capital)

  • Nate Collier

    Accounting Manager (Gladstone Capital)

  • Jack Dellafiora

    Chief Compliance Officer (All Gladstone Companies), Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer (Gladstone Management & Gladstone Administration)

  • Susan Garza

    Associate Compliance Officer

  • Erich Hellmold

    Assistant General Counsel (All Gladstone Companies)

  • Marianne Kreizman

    Cash Management Administrator (Gladstone Commercial and Gladstone Land)

  • Michael LiCalsi

    President of Gladstone Administration, General Counsel, and Secretary

  • Geoff Lyle

    Chief Accounting Officer (Gladstone Management)

  • Alyssa Mala

    Senior Accountant (Gladstone Commercial)

  • Rebecca Mao

    Accounting Manager (Gladstone Land)

  • Anthony Mastantuono

    Accounting Manager (Gladstone Commercial)

  • Karin McLaughlin

    Investor Relations Specialist

  • Lewis Parrish

    Chief Financial Officer & Assistant Treasurer (Gladstone Land)

  • Malinda O. Plumer

    Senior Corporate Paralegal

  • Julia Ryan

    Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer (Gladstone Investment)

  • Amie Sarr

    Senior Accountant (Gladstone Capital)

  • Nicole Schaltenbrand

    Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer (Gladstone Capital)

  • Jennifer Smith

    Chief Valuation Officer

  • Mike Sodo

    Chief Financial Officer (Gladstone Commercial)

  • Nixia Tenzin

    Senior Accountant (Gladstone Investment)

  • Audrey Wilson